It’s A TRIBE Thing — Behind The Scenes of Successful Membership Sites

It’s A TRIBE Thing — Behind The Scenes of Successful Membership Sites


There is a BIG trend brewing that’s revolutionizing the way business is being done. Big companies like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and traditional companies like Walmart are jumping on this too. But so are thousands of others – and they’re doing it by shifting to a recurring revenue model. Meaning, more entrepreneurs than ever before have found a way to incorporate a membership or monthly subscription into their business model – and it’s transforming the way they operate forever. No longer do they feel the pressure and stress of having to find new customers every single month. Instead, they just take care of the people who already bought from them and the monthly, recurring revenue keeps building month after month. So how are they doing it? How are they marketing their membership sites? How are they keeping their members happy and paying month after month? And how have they built an incredibly tight bond with their tribe and online community? That’s what our show host Shelli Varela explores in this podcast. You’ll hear from people building low-stress membership business in just about every niche market you can think of. From photography and calligraphy to dog training, music, art, fitness, well being, self-improvement, blogging, interior decorating, day trading, meal planning, lesson planning and so many more. You’ll hear from authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, influencers, teachers and business owners who are all leveraging their existing knowledge and influence and transforming it into passive monthly income. This isn’t luck. There is a repeatable formula for producing a growing subscription income… and we’ll show you what it is within the episodes of this show. So if you’re thinking you’d like to have your own source of recurring revenue each month or, you already have a membership site that you want to take to the next level, subscribe to this show today. Each week, your host, Shelli Varela, will be breaking down their success and uncovering the real story of how they did it… and how you can too! The Recurring Revolution is here… the question is, will you be part of it? Subscribe to the show today!

Jerry Potter and his wife were radio presenters, personalities, and programmers who hosted a show together for 15 years. But shortly before his 40th birthday, they were both laid off, losing their salary and benefits while needing to provide for two young children. A friend told him about the world of social media consulting and he soon fell in love with the industry.

Now, at Five Minute Social Academy (FMSM) Pro, Jerry helps businesses create profitable social media strategies without big teams, big budgets, or feeling the need to post every day.

Today, Jerry joins the podcast to share the story of how he rebounded after suddenly losing his career, used his existing skills to become a new kind of content creator, and how social media has changed the landscape for consumers and marketers alike.

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