Women of Impact

Women of Impact


Hosted by Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory, this show features women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. Our mission is to empower you and all women to recognize that you really can become the hero of your own life. Welcome to Women of Impact.

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Sometimes it’s not about the marriage or the kids, or anyone else. Sometimes you go all out and are in it to win just for you. Fun fact, there are 114% more women entrepreneurs now than there were 20 years ago (source). In this episode two successful badass women entrepreneurs discuss purpose, life, taking pause from everything to reconnect with yourself and listening to your gut. A woman’s journey is never easy, but Camila Alves McConaughey opens up about the fulfillment, the rejection, the pain and the success she’s found along the way following her intuition. She and Lisa jump right in to get real, get vulnerable and get practical about what it takes to start successful businesses and balance marriage and kids.

Episode Photos – Courtesy of Camila Alves’ Instagram


Business Journey | Camila recounts rejections and obstacles starting Yummy Spoonfuls [1:17]

Purpose | Knowing when to leave and understanding the purpose of your business & self [5:32]

Family Effort | Camila explains the importance of involving the family with business plans [9:03]

Seasons of Life | Picking the right path for the season and knowing your priorities [15:07]

Take Pause | Not getting lost in the journey and quieting the negative voices [20:58]

Evolving | Growing with the journey and having new goals as we reassess [24:35]

Ask Questions | Camila on how to ask yourself questions and find answers and therapy [26:34]

Time for You | Giving yourself time to reconnect to you and find your adventure [31:17]

Intuition | Camila and Lisa discuss going with intuition & listening to you gut responsibly [34:47]


“So I think that having a purpose is so important beyond [what] you can even imagine because the hard times are going to come, the doubts are going to come, the questions are going to come and the sacrifice is going to come, so you need to have that purpose really clear to yourself, so it helps you through the journey.” [8:31]

“I do believe [in] hard work and do things for the right reasons. […] Be a good human and the universe and people around you, they will see that. It kind of shelters and you will find your path and you’ll find your journey.” [38:26]

“if you just really seek to do better for yourself, you can do better for others around you and for your community.” [39:29]

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