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The Current Housing Market and Divorce (314) 541-8163

Hi Welcome to – A podcast and video series about all things related to business and valuation. My name is Melissa Gragg, and I provide online divorce mediation and valuation services in St. Louis Missouri. Today we will discuss the current housing market and divorce with Melissa Rubenstein – a former real estate attorney and realtor in New York and New Jersey

Do you have like checklists and things that a client can go through when they’re trying to prepare for this selling process? Do you kind of have something to go through of how to get your house more modernized and and ready?

Welcome Melissa!

1. Tell us about the current housing market.
2. What are the main steps when selling a house (specifically during a divorce)?
3. What advice would you give to a divorcing couple who is selling their house?
4. What is the process for one spouse remaining in the house when the other moves out?
5. What are some current trends for taking out a mortgage? Is the process getting easier or harder?
6. Do you have a checklist clients can go through to prepare them for the selling process?

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