Thynktank Millionaire Podcast (Thinktank / Think Tank)

Thynktank Millionaire Podcast (Thinktank / Think Tank)


Think you know business? Buckle up and get ready for Think Millions Podcast with Thynktank Coaching, a podcast by real entrepreneurs talking about real business problems and providing the solutions to scale your business.

Your success is determined by the choices you make in life and when you put purpose behind your decisions you find more success. The road to entrepreneurship isn’t an easy one. You will find many challenges and obstacles in your way but it is all about how you handle these situations.

Making the right decisions is a crucial part of any business and when you take action quickly instead of purposefully, you will open up more obstacles than opportunities.

In this episode, I sit down with my business partners Cynthia and Tonia to talk about how you can make more purpose-driven decisions professionally and personally. If you are thinking “this doesn’t pertain to me” – give it a listen and then decide!

Key parts of the conversation:

– [0:37] – Today’s Topic – Signs You May Not Be Taking the Right Action
– [1:35] – A way to activate action is to focus on the hustle
– [2:25] – How to differentiate between taking action quickly and taking the right action
– [4:15] – We all have blind spots and our weaknesses stop us from what we need
– [7:00] – Being a purposeful hustler
– [10:15] – So, what can you do to take the right action?

Great quotes from the podcast:

– “When we put our focus on moving forward we start to see more opportunities instead of obstacles.” – Tonia Marra
– “When attempting to make a vision into reality the forward motion is essential” – Tonia Marra
– “Failure isn’t failure – it is just the stepping stone to success” – Cynthia
– “No losses just lessons” – Cynthia
– “You have to take certain action to create success” – Alexa
– “It is beyond dreaming – it is about creating the action to get there” – Alexa


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