The StartUp to ScaleUp Game Plan

The StartUp to ScaleUp Game Plan


How to scale software & SaaS ventures effectively – key insights from successful business leaders & investors

William Tunstall-Pedoe’s claims to fame include, in his first startup, Evi – which he sold to Amazon – creating the AI technology that now powers Alexa in 100s of millions of devices globally, coding the AI software behind the anagrams in the Da Vinci Code, and calculating that April 11th 1954 was the most boring day in history!

William’s latest venture – Unlikely AI – who’ve recently raised a $20m seed round led by Amadeus & Octopus – is his most ambitious venture yet & could radically change the future of software & AI development

We explored:

– why does the world need a contrarian approach to AI?
– thinking big – aiming to change the world
– creating magical products that delight customers
– codifying the company’s culture
– mentoring & investing in dozens of startups

For more insights into Unlikely AI head over to & for advice on recruiting exceptional leaders for startups & scale-ups check out

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