The M&A Source Podcast

The M&A Source Podcast


If you work in the business of buying, growing, or selling businesses, this is the podcast for you! Welcome to the M&A Source Podcast, a podcast brought to you by M&A Source, a non-profit professional organization that provides training and education for small to mid-size business mergers and acquisitions intermediaries. In each episode of the podcast, we will interview leaders in the M&A world to discuss education opportunities provided by M&A Source, trends in M&A Markets, and useful insights provided by the experts that use them. Learn more about the podcast and the organization at M&A Source’s website:

Bob McCormack of Murphy McCormack Capital Advisors interviews Rich Jones of Zabel Companies to discuss Zabel’s history and background and their approach to partnering with lower middle market companies to drive long-term, sustainable growth. In the interview, they discuss how building a trust-based relationship between buyer and seller can minimize deal distractions and identify the right partner to both support growth and preserve a company’s legacy.

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