The Funding University | Where Business Learns About Funding

The Funding University | Where Business Learns About Funding


The Funding University is where business learns about funding. Hosted by Seth Block, CPA, this podcast is your all access pass to masters of finance, world class entrepreneurs, and funding experts.

This month we have Spencer Sheinen, of Shift Financial Insights. Spencer is also the author of the # 1 Amazon best-selling book “ Entreprenumbers”

Spencer Sheinin, CPA, CA, has a unique background with over 15 years as an entrepreneur combined with extensive financial experience as a CPA, CA and investment banker. He is the Founder and CEO of Shift Financial Insights, providing ridiculously simple accounting and financial insights for business on the rise.

On the podcast Spencer talks about businesses coming out of a down cycle, seeing their sales pick up, and running into cash flow problems. If they go to a bank to cure those cash flow problems, they need to have a good funding package in place.

We will discuss what should be in that funding package which includes “the story”, an explanation of why the business got in trouble, and how it can get out of it. In addition the importance of having sound financial reports.

I hope you enjoy our conversation with Spencer because I really did.

Seth Block, Founder, The Funding University

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The mission of The Funding University is to Enable Funding around the world. Hosted by Seth Block, CPA.

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