The 4 Keys Show

The 4 Keys Show


The CEO in Flow is a dive deep into the realm of peak performance, exploring the state of ‘flow’ and how CEOs tap into this heightened state of consciousness. We speak with successful CEOs to decode the art and science of flow, offering listeners tangible insights to achieve their best selves.

Your host, Andrew Sillitoe, is a bestselling author, former professional athlete, Team GB head coach, and Founder of the CEO in Flow Mastermind. He is one of the world’s leading executive coaches and performance psychologist.

He authored three books: Managing The Mist, The 4 Keys, and Player-Coach. He has made history by leading Team Great Britain Inline-Hockey to Pool A as head coach, the first British player to play professional In-line Hockey in North America, and personally coached and trained 10,000+ CEOs, professional athletes and celebrities since 2008.


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