Shift podcast: Helping you rethink business and face transformation head on

Shift podcast: Helping you rethink business and face transformation head on


Business transformation lives on the Shift podcast. In each episode, we amplify the voice of leading industry experts and share their unique perspectives on what it takes to face transformation head-on. Join us to spark new ideas and learn how others are becoming digital trendsetters in an increasingly complex world. The success of an organization is no longer measured solely by its financial results: leaders must also know how to respond to issues of climate change, workforce diversity, supply chain ethics, and economic inequality along with identifying growth threats and prioritizing trust. The next several episodes of the Shift podcast will take the form of a mini-series titled CEO Viewpoints. The series explores Canadian insights from PwC’s 25th Annual Global CEO Survey to help leaders uncover the best strategies for a smooth transition.

In this episode, host Richard Wilson, a partner in PwC Canada’s Cybersecurity, Privacy and Financial Crime practice, leads a discussion with Ken Hartwick, President and CEO at Ontario Power Generation (OPG), on managing cyber risk, integration of technologies and how to build an effective cyber culture.

Show Notes:

– 00:00- Richard’s introduction to CEO Viewpoints and Ken Hartwick
– 01:29- Ken shares his perspective on managing cyber risk as a CEO
– 03:04- Ken shares tips for keeping board members comfortable during the risk management process
– 05:40- Ken shares why he believes integration is a strength when it comes to cybersecurity
– 08:37- Ken shares his advice for building an effective cyber culture within your company and setting the right tone from the top-down
– 13:02- Ken shares his thoughts on how we can keep cybersecurity from becoming just another corporate buzzword and put it into practice instead
– 14:39- Richard’s closing thoughts and conclusions

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