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Scale Your Way


The Uplevel Your Agency Podcast is the go-to resource for Agency Owners or any Service Provider who’s looking to get better at delegating client work, improving operations and leading their company.

Do you have a Manager on your team and want to be able to manage them better? Or are you thinking about hiring or promoting someone to be a manager inside your Agency? If so, today’s episode is for you!

We’re going to chat about how you can get better at leading the Managers on your team so that they can feel empowered to make decisions, handle issues and help you grow your business.

A Manager is such a valuable role inside of your business that can absolutely change the tradetory of your Agency. My goal for you in this episode is to help you feel more confident hiring or promoting someone inside of your Agency to take on this critical role!

What’s in this episode:

– The differences between managing implementers vs. managers
– How your role needs to shift to better support your manager
– Whether to hire externally or promote internally
– My #1 rule for hiring a manager (externally or internally)
– How to help your manager make decisions without you

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