Rev It Up with Jess Tiffany

Rev It Up with Jess Tiffany


Is your business ready to put the pedal to the metal? Rev It Up with CEO and International Best Selling Author Jess Tiffany. We will tune-up your engine, fill your gas tank and help you get to the finish line with your business. We will interview top business leaders, authors, and even those in the pits that keep it all moving. All with the goal to help you speed up all things business. From marketing, to lead generation, Retention, to accounting. Customer service to Human Resource. Ultimately our goal is to help you get your Revenue up! Let’s Rev It Up with Jess Tiffany! Support this podcast:

Natasha is a classically trained violinist from 15 to her mid and late 20s. Her experience was as a performer performing at events, she then started booking artists from different genres for events. This turned out to be an Inc 500 company with employees and multiple offices with time.

You can’t afford to miss this fire episode brought to you by Jess Tiffany.

This Cast Includes:

– Natasha got started in the event space (00:45)
– Natasha finds a formidable source of living (3:00)
– She never knew that it would be a multimillion company that would have many employees and offices all over (3:23)
– Natasha’s favorite events are ridiculous requests with ridiculous timing (4:42)
– She did over 200 virtual events and had a lot of headliners performing at a fraction of the cost during covid (07:00)
– A favorite event that Natasha did that would blow your mind (07:46)
– The hardest firing Natasha has ever had at her company (10:15)
– Natasha hired a girl that had no skills to match but ended up doing Digital marketing for her company (13:03)

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Suggested Video: Everything you’ve ever heard, everything you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done — it’s all wrong. Jess Tiffany is an author, speaker, strategist, podcast host, and marketing consultant.

He is a #1 International Best Selling Author (Growth Hacking: Strategically Grow Your Business Connections from Zero to 10K in 365 Days), Marketing Strategist, C.E.O. of MNU e-learning and MNU Digital (Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency).

As a business and marketing strategist, Jess is very passionate about his in-depth service offerings like finding businesses $50k in hidden revenue opportunities in under an hour. Upon request, Jess coaches businesses to higher revenue, lead generation strategies, joint venture creation, unique proposition isolation, and implementations. Jess utilizes over 100 dynamic business strategies to cause mass growth in company sales and profits. For those unable to work with Jess, he offers an online version called the 52 Week Industry Domination Training. This program has been called “the most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created!”

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