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Lean Out Your Business Podcast


The Lean Out Your Business Podcast is dedicated to helping you accelerate business growth, simplify in order to scale, and lean out and do less to achieve more. Join International Lean Business Consultant, Business Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur Crista Grasso to discover the proven systems and strategies that provide more value to your clients, more profits for your business, and give you back more time in your day.

We know the importance of copywriting in our business, but how do you write copy that doesn’t sound like everyone else and that stands out from the noise?

In episode 95 of the Lean Out Your Business Podcast, I’m joined by Crystal Adair-Benning. Crystal is best known for being not known at all. She is a secret weapon amongst successful entrepreneurs who covet her Quantum Copy Method – which combines the science of writing with the spirituality of creativity. She is a multiple New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter and former highly sought-after luxury event planner.

Crystal shares with us the fundamentals of well-written copy and how it can help you accelerate your success.

Show topics include:

(2:27): The importance of copyrighting and how it helps us from a sales conversion perspective

(3:16): Ways to prove that words have magic

(6:25): Mistakes entrepreneurs make when writing their own copy

(11:05): Tips on how you can write your copy that is authentic

(22:30): What the quantum copy method is and how it helps connect and convert

Links From This Episode:

Web: http://wordmagiccopywriting.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/wordmagiccopywriting

Twitter: http://twitter.com/wordmagiccopy

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