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Leaders of Growth is the first podcast that helps B2B SaaS companies scale to $25M ARR and beyond. Every week, Arthur Nobel from Knight Capital brings you insights from SaaS thought leaders, founders, and experts from fast-growing software companies to help you grow your business. Each episode covers different startup challenges such as scaling teams, Go-to-Market, and the changing role of the founder in a growing organization. Leaders of Growth is brought to you by Knight Capital. Get the summary of these interviews in the Leaders of Growth book (leadersofgrowth.co) or at the Knight Capital blog (knight.capital/blog).

In this episode, Arthur Nobel, Principal at Knight Capital, chatted with Arun Mani, CRO of Pleo, a spending management solution that offers smart payment cards for employees to buy work-related products while keeping the company in control of spending. The company is based in Copenhagen, raised over $420M, and has around +800 employees.

Arun scaled sales organizations at two successful companies (Appnexus & Freshworks) and served as s a C-level strategy adviser at Mckinsey and Accenture. He also founded NIA, a non-profit organization to promote women’s education in developing countries.

In this episode, Arthur and Arun discussed

– His background and career
– Typical challenges in companies at different stages – $20-$50, $50-100, and >$100 Focus vs. Diversification (new markets and products
– 3 Scaling lessons to grow your company
– Internationalization
– Pitfalls of expanding to the US
– Channel Sales
– Serving mid-market vs. serving enterprises
– Having a Country Manager vs. VP of Sales

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Leaders of Growth is brought to you by Knight Capital

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