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KickoffLabs On Growth is a podcast aimed to help you launch and grow your business. We’ll share our own stories and feature interviews with successful startup founders and marketing experts.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

You can give away anything that you think your ideal audience will like, regardless of cost to you. Often times samples of your product, experiences, or just simply being the first to get something is enough to capture an audience. This also means themed simple items such as fireworks on the Fourth of July, or a limited edition of your own product to bring the audience back to you.

Give a full gift or experience

It is often best to offer a full experience for your grand prize as opposed to a discount or an item that requires add ons. For example, a boutique offering a gift card for the standard price of a full outfit or VIP tickets to a festival that includes any add on fees there may be.

Create a Budget

Stick to your budget. You can get creative with packages and prizes being items or services that don’t cost you much as long as they are things your audience would be interested in. For example, if you want to stay low budget for your bakery’s grand opening- offer a free cookie package for leads that are a fan of your product.

Have a friend win too

Encouraging referrals can look like offering “if you win, they win also” items and experiences. This can be a couples Valentine’s Day themed dinner package, or a day at the spa for the winner and their friend, or could even work for a service like lawn care- one wins a freshly mowed lawn- they both do.


When it comes to a waitlist for a new product launch, exclusivity can even be a prize in itself. Offering the top of your list to be the first to receive your product or a limited edition item can be enough to drive a competitive crowd. You can also offer a one of a kind style of your product for your winner for the extra bragging rights.

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