It’s Not Over

It’s Not Over


It’s Not Over is like real-time therapy for entrepreneurs and business owners. Each episode is about vulnerable, honest and frank conversations with entrepreneurs who have survived near-death business experiences. Too often I listen to entrepreneurs and business owners talk about how they became rich, how deeply they read, how they invest their exit money and how they have found peace recently through meditation and Naval’s tweets. Every entrepreneur I know has a story of survival. On this show, I talk to entrepreneurs about their own stories of survival and success. We discuss the players involved, the lessons learned, the strategy that helped them out of their death spirals and dive deeply into how these experiences changed the way they build and run businesses. I also urge my guests to talk more openly about how business catastrophe impacted their personal lives and mental health. Each episode will change how you see your own obstacles both personal and professional. Every guest will teach you lessons to apply in your own life and business.

When his business eventually ended, it took with it his cofounder relationship, best mate and group of friends from high school.

Jason Bagley’s company, Firing Squad, started out as a project-based service business. But thanks to his ability to analyse the data, he pivoted to a more profitable product-based retainer model focused on email management.

Unfortunately for Jason and his business partner, the data can only point you in the direction you need to go, the rest is up to you. Jason landed an enticing client who would mark the downfall of his company with late payment, all-consuming work and the promise of shiny silicon valley like growth and venture capital.

Jason’s story is one filled with resilience, recovery, and an unfortunate lack of focus as a single destructive client grew in scope but not in profit.


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