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Hardwired For Growth


B2B Founder is a podcast dedicated to helping business to business founders who are looking to grow their startups to $1 million in revenue. Did you know that only 5% of B2B businesses ever make it to or past 7 figures in revenue? This means that 95% get stuck or fail on their journey. Which poses the question: why do most B2B business get stuck or fail? Scaling a B2B startup is a multi-dimensional challenge. You have to manage: customer and market needs, foundational processes and hiring the right people. Each business has a unique combination to optimize growth. Most B2B founders leverage trial and error or gut to make decisions. This podcast is your opportunity to learn from both founders who have successfully grown their B2B startups to $1 million and beyond, and industry experts who can provide actionable growth-focused strategies and tactics. My goal is to dig deep and find out exactly what worked, what didn’t work and what the founders would have done differently. I want to share best practices in each of these core areas. To put it simply, this podcast is your guide on the path to 7 figures and becoming a member of the 5% club.

Can your business stand out in an ultra competitive and rapidly evolving business space?

In a market filled with businesses that offer the same things, the same service, and the same value, making sure your customers notice you is a tremendous task to achieve.

Market dominance is our goal today as the author of a #1 Amazon bestseller, Theresa Lina, goes over the four pillars for owning the market. We discuss the need for differentiation and the constantly changing environment that means this process has to be continuous.

Find out how your startup can become the go-to and even charge more. So tune in now!

Resource Links:

– Brett Trainor Website (https://bretttrainor.com/)
– Download The Growth Readiness Checklist (https://bretttrainor.com/resources/)
– Apollo Method Website (https://apollomethod.com/)
– Get the book Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More, and Have Customers Love You For It by Theresa Lina (https://amzn.to/3kzvaMi)

We’ll be talking about:

Theresa’s backstory that led to her writing her book [01:28]

Focusing on complex business solutions [04:32]

The need to transition to a modern business model in the B2B space [06:51]

The inspiration for the Apollo method of achieving market dominance [11:56]

Do you have to be the category king? [18:45]

Companies need to shift their mentality to a value-driven model [23:01]

Steps to differentiating yourself in the market – Launch and Ignite [26:33]

Conversations are key to identifying customer frustrations [32:51]

Have an overarching brand vision then put in different dimensions to the story [37:32]

The lead up to becoming the go-to – Navigate and Accelerate [43:11]

Don’t make the mistake of failing to evolve [46:53]

What’s next for Theresa and the book [50:03]

The one thing that Theresa recommends [51:12]

About Our Guest:

As the author of the #1 bestselling Amazon book, “Be the Go-To: How to Own Your Competitive Market, Charge More and Have Customers Love You For It”, Theresa Lina is a well-known strategy and marketing thought leader who has helped companies achieve sustainable differentiation and evolve in a rapidly changing environment.

On the education side, Theresa also works as part of the teaching team at Stanford University.

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