Growth Everywhere Daily Business Lessons

Growth Everywhere Daily Business Lessons


Growth Everywhere is a weekly interview series with entrepreneurs and marketers on the latest in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Learn actionable strategies & tactics on how you can make your business grow and mistakes to avoid during your journey. Learn from individuals who have founded billion dollar companies to best-selling authors. If you’re interested in being on the show, e-mail

In this episode, we chat with Chris Do, Founder, and CEO of The Futur, to talk about leveling up your personal brand and building influence. Chris unpacks what it takes to build a strong and impactful brand that resonates with your audience.


– [00:00] – Personal Brand & Building Influence with Chris Do, CEO of The Futur
– [00:20] – Marty Neumeier’s definition of branding: a gut feeling that a person has about a product, service, or organization.
– [02:20] – Understanding what constitutes a strong brand.
– [04:02] – Why everyone has an unintentional personal brand and how to build yours intentionally.
– [06:33] – Brand through the lens of POP culture
– [08:49] – You need to master this if you want to build a strong PERSONAL BRAND
– [10:58] – Why Narrative, Impression and Storytelling is important for building your brand

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