Find Your Exit – Exit Planning Strategies for Business Owners

Find Your Exit – Exit Planning Strategies for Business Owners


Find Your Exit is a podcast about how to successfully exit your business. In this show, you will be given tools and insight and hear triumphant stories from industry experts and entrepreneurs who have built sustainable, scalable, and profitable businesses, worthy of an exit. Join award-winning Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Mark Kravietz, as he and his guests cover critical topics, including how to get started, when to sell, getting your company ready for a sale, determining business valuation, overcoming roadblocks, exit options (such as an IPO or acquisition), life after sale and a whole lot more! Find Your Exit uncovers the secrets to building a business that delivers real value and will help you lead your company to a successful exit.

The growth of a business is rarely a straight line. There are roadblocks that come along the way. Gordon Crane started his company out of his parent’s apartment in Queens. From these humble beginnings, he was able to create a successful brand.

Gordon Crane is an entrepreneur and pioneer in the “better-for-you” fruit juice industry. In 1975, he founded Apple & Eve, a brand of premium, all-natural fruit juices and fruit products that he grew into the largest privately held juice company in the United States with sales in excess of $225 million.

Today, Gordon joins the show to share the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that it took to start and grow his company. He dives into his experiences with takeovers, private equity, and the eventual sale of the business.



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