Car Wash M&A

Car Wash M&A


Join your host Lanese Barnett with Amplify Car Wash Advisors to learn more about how to scale or sell your car wash business. Here we take a deep dive into the current mergers and acquisitions activity of the car wash industry with the goal of keeping car wash owners informed on where the market is today and where it’s going tomorrow so you can make educated decisions about your business.

“It began as a mistake.” This is the quote on Andrew Goldberger’s iPhone background screen taken from the opening line of a Bukowski novel. In this episode, Lanese and Andrew talk about his journey into the car wash industry where he reveals that, like many entrepreneurs, what started as a well-laid business plan on paper turned out to be incongruent in practice. And, how that’s okay. Recognizing the need to adjust the original plan, pivoting, staying humble, and developing key relationships can turn an endeavor that began with a rocky start into a success story.

The episode also highlights the continued opportunities for car wash owners contemplating selling or scaling their business in today’s market. And how for Andrew, partnering with a private equity group made sense for him to transition his business into the next chapter.

For more about Andrew, a full transcript of the interview, and more, check out the post.

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