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On the Business Your Way podcast, we’ll help you organise and streamline your business to scale while providing an exceptional customer experience. Our weekly episodes will provide you with helpful tips and advice from both Sandra Julian and guests to help you on your journey to a successful business your way.

There are no lack of big scary moments in the journey of a service-based business owner.

But morphing your business from being a sole trader into an agency can be savage!

You may already have a VA that helps you with some of the admin. And very likely, you also engaged a bookkeeper to take care of your accounting. But now … you’re at capacity with your client work, so you know you’re going to need help on a client delivery level.


Will they bolt, leaving you unable to fulfil your payroll commitments?

I mean… anything is possible, BUT there are CERTAIN WAYS TO SKIP THE DRAMA! 🧐

No magic wands in sight. Just some thought out considerations from somebody who has done the miles before you.

So, head over to the podcast to learn more about How You Can Manage Client Relationships Through Growth Without Destructive Effects!

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Running a business is not for the faint-hearted. There are challenges left, right and centre. But I’m here to tell you challenges are only challenges because you haven’t found an answer to them yet. The solutions could be a lot easier than you may think!

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