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A-Players by ACELR8


Listen to interviews with founders, venture builders, growth managers, and everybody that is involved in the scaling of a startup. Learn why getting the hiring strategy right is key to the successful growth of your company. Hosted by ACELR8 team.

How can we make sourcing more cost- and time-effective?

Many recruiters don’t like sourcing due to its repetitive and manual processes, but as the saying goes, well begun is half done.

Doing sourcing correctly, means full pipelines. A strong start can be used strategically to empower Talent teams to bring onboard the right talent.

Using data in sourcing can help the talent teams with:
✅ Time-saving: be more efficient in the way you source
✅ Access to Talent: mapping out where talent is positioned (e.g. location, companies)
✅ Stakeholder Management: make stakeholders understand what is possible

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