Student Loan Planner

Student Loan Planner


Travis helps you navigate the insane world of student loans, especially if you owe $50,000 to $1 million. If you’ve ever spent too much time on the phone with your loan servicer, this is the show for you. Every week we share tips on loan forgiveness, investing, crushing debt, and how to get to financial freedom when you owe more than most people’s mortgage.

Student Loan Planner consultants Rob Bertman and Meagan Landress share their best tips to find balance with budgeting, saving, investing, and paying off debt without sacrificing your quality of life.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

– The right balance between paying off debt and saving for the future
– The one thing you need to set yourself up for financial independence
– Why Landress thinks zero-based budgeting is exhausting and what she does instead
– Bertman’s 3-step process to setting up the perfect budget
– Strategies to realistically reduce how much you spend each month
– Why experimenting with budgeting methods can help you long-term
– How to find balance with your finances as a couple
– Should you take savings out of the bank to pay off your credit card debt
– How to prioritize your private student loans with income-driven repayment options

Full show notes at:

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