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Welcome to ASK THE PLANMAN, hosted by Bruce Weinstein. Each week Bruce will feature a guest to talk with and bring you insights and strategies to help you make educated financial decisions. Bruce brings his expertise with over 35 years of experience, helping thousands of clients reach their goals and objectives. The Planman believes everyone should have a PLAN! Come Ask the PLANMAN – we want to HEAR from YOU. New episodes are released bi-weekly every Monday. Write Bruce: Text the word Planman to 321-421-5213 or call 1-844-PLANMAN Don’t forget to check us out at

Do you want to Build your OWN Economy? Do you want to be part of the 3% of income earners who pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAX? Come listen to this week’s episode of Ask the PLANMAN as we speak with David A. Perez, CEO of Tax Plan Experts. Mr. BYOE helps hyper-growth business owners achieve freedom using unique business & tax strategies.

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