What’s new in Cloud FinOps?

What’s new in Cloud FinOps?


Stephen Old and Frank Contrepois get together to discuss what’s new in the world of cloud when it comes to finance. We’ll discuss the top stories we’ve found from this month and then discuss a wider topic that interests us.

Today Frank and Steve are joined by TJ (Anthony Johnson), Cloud Business Manager at Box. TJ talks to us about the new working group he’s launched as part of the FinOps Foundation, Social Aspects of FinOps, as well as walking us through his journey and experiences to date. We also briefly touch on Unit Economics which TJ has promised to come and do another episode on.

As part of the relaunch of the Podcast under “The FinOps Guys”, we’ll now do two types of episodes, ones covering the news that listeners are used to, and by popular demand, special guest episodes. Stay tuned for more of both types of episodes coming up!

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