WealthTech UnWrapped

WealthTech UnWrapped


WealthTech UnWrapped is a Bambu podcast that dives into the ins and outs of the WealthTech industry. It weaves the narrative between a startup founder, Ned Phillips, and special guests that bring their unique insight into this growing industry. Each week we tackle a different topic, from ideas on what the future of Robo-advisory should be, to the inside scoop of what it takes to run a tech company. Through humor, honest opinions, and playful analysis, we hope to unwrap the intricacies of WealthTech into digestible episodes that anyone can learn from. This podcast is for anyone who is bored and tired of the corporate schpiel around finance and technology.

Jeff Keltner is a fellow podcaster who hosts Leaders in Lending. This time, he sits across from Ned as a guest and speaks about digital transformation in the lending industry. They talk about how AI simplifies and qualifies data to reach a wider consumer segment and helping consumers reach their financial goals.

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