Searching for Mana with Lloyd Wahed

Searching for Mana with Lloyd Wahed


Welcome to the Searching for Mana show in association with the London Stock Exchange, the leading podcast that interviews tech’s most influential leaders, innovators and disruptors to discover their mana – the superpower that has helped them to succeed. Hosted by Lloyd Wahed, co-founder of the Mana group, which is focused on building the future of work via their search, lab and venture business, the podcast is a must-see/listen for industry insiders, established or budding entrepreneurs, or anyone with an interest in the most exciting and dynamic sector in the world.

Joining Lloyd this week is Floww CEO & FinTech expert Martijn de Wever. Partnered with The London Stock Exchange, Floww provides data to increase transparency & liquidity across private markets.

Former Venture Capitalist and trader Martijn sheds brilliant light into the state of UK FinTech, the pros and cons of private vs public companies, and how his contrarian style has fuelled his success.

Highly insightful, honest and always with a touch of humour, Martijn is a brilliantly entertaining guest, and example of how outlier experiences so often make brilliant entrepreneurs.

[ 0:00 – 8:32 ] An intro to Floww’s product

[ 8:33 – 20:35 ] The Macro Market & Working with the LSE

[ 20:36 – 30:52 ] The Big Vision for Floww

[ 30:53 – 40:02 ] Martijn’s background & contrariasm

[ 40:03 – 51:16 ] Trading, 2008 and entrepreneurship

[ 51:17 – 57:26 ] Martijn’s venture thesis

[ 57:27 – 1:07:33 ] The Mana round

[ 1:07:34 – 1:21:22 ] Crypto and Floww’s Hollywood outcome

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