An interview podcast dedicated to the ever-evolving world of RegTech and financial regulations with Know Your Customer’s CEO and co-founder Claus Christensen.

Join us for a very special episode of RegTalks where we sit down with Janos Barberis to discuss:

– Janos’s journey as one of the pioneers able to identify and analyse the unique elements of RegTech vs Fintech;
– The general understanding of the potential of RegTech among industry practitioners;
– Key advice for founders and team members of startups around mental well-being and operational risk management in relation to mental health.

Janos Barberis is an entrepreneur and expert with an established track record in the fintech industry and in academia. The 49 startups across his accelerator cohorts have raised over $500 million and are regularly listed as leading fintech companies globally. On a mission to raise market awareness on Fintech and RegTech, in the last four years, Janos trained over 100,000 individuals through online courses, books and academic papers. Finally, Janos was also on the Fintech board of both the World Economic Forum and BFSI.

Janos is also the Founder of Founders Taboo, the world’s largest online course and community on the topic of mental health in the start-up ecosystem. You can learn more about Founders Taboo at

RegTalks is a podcast produced by Margherita Maspero for Know Your Customer.

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