Rebank: Banking the Future

Rebank: Banking the Future


Financial innovation, technology advances and social changes are sending shockwaves through the financial services industry. In an age of increasingly rapid change, important questions, debates and developments are unfolding before our eyes. These ideas, and the choices we make in response to them, will shape our future. Technology is vastly powerful, creating new industries in response to – or sometimes in anticipation of – changing customer expectations. Rebank explores the trends, developments and challenges that define our age and shape the future role of money, banking and financial services.
Rex Salisbury is the Founder of Cambrian and GP of Cambrian Ventures. Rex is a key figure in the Fintech ecosystem, having started Cambrian as a product meetup in 2015 and ultimately growing it into a community of 15,000 newsletter subscribers, 5,000 meetup members, 1,300 founders and now an early-stage venture fund. Along the way, Rex spent two years at a16z as a partner on the Fintech team, backing companies including Deel and Tally, according to TechCrunch.

Though only having just closed the fund, Rex has already made five investments, including in Keep Financial, a bonus management platform started by Kabbage founders Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia.

In this conversation, we discuss Rex’s approach to fundraising as a solo GP and factors that contributed to his success, raising and deploying a fund in the current market environment, Cambrian’s investment and value creation strategy and much more.

Thank you very much for joining us today. Please welcome, Rex Salisbury.

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