Compliance That Makes Sense

Compliance That Makes Sense


This is a place where FinTech compliance, regulations and risks are made simple and fun. Your host, Yana Afanasieva, corporate dropout turned entrepreneur, introduces you to pragmatic risk acceptance and agile compliance that scale, challenges financial industry conventional wisdom, and wholeheartedly believes that dashboards and automation often make much better job than humans.

In this episode, I explain why to-do lists aren’t actually as helpful as many time-management gurus would have you believe! I also share a new approach that you can use to define your strategic priorities instead of a to-do list.

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Today’s episode:

[00:42] What time management gurus have led us to believe about to-do lists.

[01:16] The problems with to-do lists.

[02:20] Examples of common to-do list items.

[02:46] Why to-do lists don’t often contain strategic priorities.

[03:54] Items that you don’t want to find on your compliance department’s to-do list.

[05:22] Indicators that your compliance department is not prioritizing the right things.

[06:04] Shifts that are taking place within hugely profitable companies.

[07:29] The importance of understanding the difference between busy work and solving real problems.

[08:06] A new approach to defining the strategic priorities in your business.

[09:20] An important question that all business leaders should be asking themselves.

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