The Rich Celenza Show – WTF Are You Talking About?

The Rich Celenza Show – WTF Are You Talking About?


THE RICH CELENZA SHOW is for the man (or any woman) who wants to watch and hear a no-nonsense show that is unscripted and extremely raw. Audio / Video footage is not staged and discussions are real and uncensored. Rich captivates audiences with his views on by keeping it real and adding a dose of his entertaining stories from his past. Rich helps men master the art of self-confidence through a wealth of practical advice involving relationships, fashion, fitness, grooming, and much, much more. Having written two books on the topics of modeling and how to find the woman of your dreams, Rich provides men who need a “tell it like it is” approach to help guide them in the right direction. Rich shares ways to live an extravagant lifestyle, affordably. He also makes sure that you do not get taken advantage of by people, companies, and products that promote the easy way to get ahead in life.

People need to understand that if they don’t like the medical care their receiving they can move on. A lot of people may find themselves afraid to change doctors or hospitals which is understandable. But people need to understand when it comes to their health (or others they may be helping) they have the final word. No one should settle for the second-best when it comes to their health. The decisions you make when it comes to health and wellness and are the most important decisions in your life.

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