Financial Advisor’s Guide to Estate Planning

Financial Advisor’s Guide to Estate Planning


The Due Dilly Podcast is a resource for Financial Advisors, provided by Helios Quantitative Research. The podcast is designed to help financial advisors communicate complex investment-related topics in a simple and effective way. Each month we will discuss equities, fixed income, and economic conditions in the following format: what’s important? why is it important? and what do we think about the potential impacts? Nik Boucher, Director of Marketing Operations hosts the show while Joe Mallen, CIO, and Jason Van Thiel, Director of Research for Helios provide expert commentary. For more information, please visit

Welcome to the October edition of The Due Dilly Podcast. Today’s discussion will include something abstract for our quants out there, something useful that advisors and their clients can relate to, and some practical ideas that advisors can implement today. As always, Nik Boucher will be joined by Joe Mallen, Chief Investment Officer, and Jason Van Thiel, Director of Research for Helios Quantitative Research.

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