Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast

Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast


The Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast provides a look into the global diamond industry with leading analyst Paul Zimnisky. Each episode features a full-length interview with a special guest to discuss the diamond industry and related topics while sharing interesting observations, thoughts and analysis. A wide range of guests from around the world have joined the show from all segments of the diamond supply chain and beyond, including: exploration geologists, jewelry designers, marketing experts, journalists, novelists, economists, consultants, technology experts and artists, from India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, England, Canada and the U.S.

In this episode, Amish Shah, of integrated man-made diamond company ALTR Created Diamonds, joins the show for a candid, high-level discussion on the lab-grown diamond business. The conversation starts with Amish providing a glimpse into the company’s production method and supply profile. Next, Paul and Amish discuss the upstream segment of the industry and address where the market is experiencing supply shortages and overages. The two then move on to discuss the mid- and downstream segments of the business, attempting to pin down current sources of demand. The conversation concludes with a talk about marketing lab-diamonds, whether man-made stones are actually “green” and how future tech applications could eventually be the greatest source of demand for lab-grown goods.

Hosted by: Paul Zimnisky

Guest: Amish Shah

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