Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast

Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast


The Paul Zimnisky Diamond Analytics Podcast provides a look into the global diamond industry with leading analyst Paul Zimnisky. Each episode features a full-length interview with a special guest to discuss the diamond industry and related topics while sharing interesting observations, thoughts and analysis. A wide range of guests from around the world have joined the show from all segments of the diamond supply chain and beyond, including: exploration geologists, jewelry designers, marketing experts, journalists, novelists, economists, consultants, technology experts and artists, from India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, England, Canada and the U.S.

Author Matthew Hart rejoins the show upon the debut of his latest thriller novel “Ice Angel.” The conversation begins with Matthew providing a glimpse into his new book (a follow up to “The Russian Pink”) which involves the murder of a diamond prospector in the Canadian North and a plot that parallels the current geopolitical climate between the U.S., Canada and China. Next, Matthew explains how he approaches writing his books, what his technical and creative process is like and why likes to write about the diamond industry. The conversation concludes with Paul and Matthew discussing thoughts on lab-created diamonds and Matthew shares his findings on the subject while researching for an article he recently wrote for digital-weekly AIRMAIL titled “The Blingless Ring.”

Hosted by: Paul Zimnisky

Guest: Author Matthew Hart

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