This podcast joins a weekly Monday morning conversation between two precious metals experts about gold and silver prices and behind-the-scenes price manipulations. Research is conducted by silver analyst and commodities expert, Theodore (Ted) Butler, Jr.. Asking the tough questions each week, James R. Cook, president of Investment Rarities, Inc. , Mpls., MN. (c) 2020 800-328-1860.

It’s only taken a week for silver prices to drop some 17 percent. Did JP Morgan suddenly start dumping silver? Dollar get stronger? Have the mines secretly ramped up production?

Commodities expert, Ted Butler, believes a number of factors contributed to the price decline. And a few are not what you might expect. “But you know what,” Butler predicts, “it’s just what the doctor ordered in terms pushing the metal’s prices even higher!”

In podcast #8 of “Silver Sleuths,” Ted Butler and Jim Cook poke around behind the curtain on the COMEX to analyze what’s really sparking the silver price decline… they reveal how close we are to the bottom…and why buying silver on margin is guaranteed to send you back to the doctor … to get your head examined!

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