How to Invest in Cannabis

How to Invest in Cannabis


Unlocking cannabis investments. In this podcast series, cannabis-focused investment firm KEY Investment Partners aims to make sense of the evolving legal cannabis industry. We discuss current trends & events for investors looking to explore opportunities in the private and public cannabis markets.

In this special episode of Cannabis Unlocked, Ben Ross and KEY Founding Partner Jordan Youkilis discuss the past, present & future of psychedelics. Ben shares his story – from successfully exiting his software startup to focusing on plant medicine. They further discuss the different types of psychedelic substances and where each stands within the regulatory approval process. They further discuss the distinctions between drug vs. medicine and illegal vs. legal substances. They later discuss the recent history of psychedelics since the 1960s, as well as the more ancient, ceremonial traditions of plant medicine across the world. Finally, they discuss how we can ensure these medicines are treated respectfully as big pharma looks to enter the legal industry. Please enjoy!

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