Gold for a New Generation

Gold for a New Generation


The dawn of a new Gold bull market is an exciting and inspiring time for people to take advantage of opportunities and get involved by investing. The purpose of this channel is to inform people about all gold-related subjects and investment opportunities in an easy to understand language. Please note that the discussions presented in this channel are for informational purposes only. Investment opportunities have risks, any specific future outcome is not guaranteed. We are not professional financial advisors. Listeners should conduct their own research and connect with a professional advisor before taking investment actions. We hope that listeners join our journey of discovering what lies ahead by subscribing and staying tuned for new episodes, showing appreciation with a “like”, and commenting your thoughts to start interesting conversations.

In this episode of Gold for a new Generation, Steve and Rafael cover the hot topic of Inflation by discussing where it is felt in the market, what it can mean for the US dollar and the gold price, and how to incorporate the inflation factor into an investment strategy.

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