Debut 23k gold The basics of Investing in Thai Baht Gold. The how and why episode1

Debut 23k gold The basics of Investing in Thai Baht Gold. The how and why episode1


BAHT GOLD JEWELRYThe ins and outs of purchasing high karat gold in Thailand. A supplemental to our YouTube videos on the basics of Thai Baht gold investment. A discussion based on the Baht gold jewelry phenomenon and how you can be a part of it. Arming you with the necessary knowledge to successfully purchase investment jewelry in the 96.5% purity, and to benefit from your purchase. This podcast is the first of a series and also updates the status of the current Coronavirus (Covid19) in Bangkok Thailand. Covid19 Bangkok update for March 25, 2020How we got started in purchasing Thai Baht goldHow is it special?The value considerationsWhat it’s like going into a gold shop in China townThe “Baht” as a weight and as a currencyHow to get the best workmanshipTransparent pricing and long term value

This episode 2 describes the process of purchasing 96.5% gold in the Thai gold shops in Bangkok versus buying customized gold jewelry from seller on-line selling through eCommerce. Tom Pryor discusses selling the gold back to gold shops, where to have purity tests performed and what information you need to place an order. Why you need to look for purity stamps and some gold designs that can not have purity stamps applied. Thai Baht gold is 96.5% pure which is a little over 23k. It is bought and sold by the International gold spot price every day in all of Thailand with the hub being the China town district in Bangkok. Tom has 20 years of experience in gold trading in Thailand.

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