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2 Private Cannabis Investors share thoughts, analysis and opinions on the ups and downs of the rapidly changing Cannabis Investing landscape. For Investors By Investors

In this episode we are joined by special guest Hirsh Jain. Hirsh is the founder of Ananda Strategy, a consultancy that works with many of California’s leading cannabis brands and retailers and has helped its clients operationalize some of the most successful cannabis facilities in the state.

We unpack what’s changed since Hirsh’s last appearance. We address the elephant in the room which is the carnage that’s happening to California operators and why the top MSO’s have shifted their posture to a wait and see strategy vs looking to establish a footprint in the golden state. Although there is no optimistic sheen to put on California, there are certain steps the companies and municipalities are taking to defend the industry as well as attract investments. During the second half of the episode, we look at what new states could learn from California to make their regulated cannabis roll out more efficient.

As always, if you have any questions for our guest Hirsh, please reach out to him at or any questions for us please email us at

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