Stuff Your Bookkeeper Isn’t Telling You

Stuff Your Bookkeeper Isn’t Telling You


According to a 2014 Intuit survey, 40% of business owners considered themselves financially illiterate. 80% of these business owners were handling their accounting, while the rest had to “trust” that their accountant was doing the right thing. Having a crappy accountant can change the trajectory of your business altogether, so we created this show to tell you what your accountant may not be telling you. Because at the end of the day, your accountant should be an ally, not a headache. Join CPAs and CFO Finance Leaders Terrell and Omolola (Lola) Turner as they share what your business has been missing.

Your peace of mind is your biggest asset, and working with a crappy accountant will cost you some. I had a conversation with a business owner I was consulting the other day, and they shared this story with me.

You could tell they were frustrated, annoyed, and fed up – and that’s not what working with anyone you’re paying money to should feel like.

This show episode discusses some of the “Crappy Accountant” red flags you should be looking for.

Check out the full video episode of Stuff Your Accountant Isn’t Telling You here:

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