Cross-border tax talks

Cross-border tax talks


PwC specialists share insights and perspectives on key issues impacting the ever-changing tax landscape. Our podcasts aim to provide quick, easy and up-to-date tax developments to help you stay current and competitive in today’s challenging business environment. Listen to episodes at your convenience via your desktop computer or smart device.

Doug McHoney, PwC’s Global International Tax Services Leader, is at PwC’s Global Transfer Pricing Conference in Berlin, Germany. Doug honors Ocktoberfest by donning lederhosenis to host Arne Schnitger, PwC International Tax Partner based in Berlin. Arne hosts the German tax podcast Frisch Serviert – der Steuerpodcast. They discuss Pillar Two issues in the EU, the US, and Germany, the differences approaches each jurisdiction takes when calculating the tax, the US book minimum tax, GILTI, refundable credits, allocation of expenses, the German implementation process, tax return filing, operational readiness, German anti-hybrid rules, and German Section 49.

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