Who Wants To Be an Entrepreneur?

Who Wants To Be an Entrepreneur?


This isn’t a quiz show, this is reality. Real life discovery what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. HEW is introducing guests to the ‘Who Wants To Be an Entrepreneur’ show, interviewing them on their involvement in the entrepreneurial space, discussing motivating factors, highs, lows and general tips for success and sometimes even survival based on their own personal experiences. A full real life account of trials and tribulations of ‘What It Takes’. Pairing real life business experiences from individuals who have been responsible for creating and building national and international brands, along with coaching strategy will undoubtedly provide value and perspective even for the discerning of entrepreneurs around the world.

Hear straight from those who have been working with Helen and Lauren and what their views, experiences and outcomes have been from investing in their own coaching.

3 totally different clients, different backgrounds, different business set up – same goals.

They all wanted to improve their current situation and performance.

Tune in – this one is first hand insight.

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