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We Grow Together Podcast


A lush and sustainable space where those in need of a daily dose of inspiration can find community, cowork, and host events. Brought to you virtually through podcast! Tune in as we interview leaders in business and entrepreneurs to listen and learn from their stories because #wegrowtogether. In this episode, we talk with Emma Demar. Emma is a Therapist located on the upper east side of Manhattan in New York City, she is also a writer and the host of her own podcast That Trendy Therapist. In this episode, Emma reminds us that in a time where everything feels uncertain to remember that the future is and always will be unpredictable and to find the everyday things that you can control so you do not live in a state of anxiety. Emma also shares with us how to avoid the comparison trap on social media & in real life and how to change your internal dialog to start building more confidence. She also speaks about the different types of therapy and how powerful vulnerability is and how to view your vulnerability as a strength to inspire others. View Shownotes: https://www.flourishcoworking.com/post/ep-27-emma-demar-that-trendy-therapist-on-anxiety-comparison-and-confidence To participate in our giveaway like and subscribe to our podcast and leave a review or comment on what you liked about the episode! Screenshot the review and DM it to @flourishwestchester on Instagram and you will be entered to receive 1 month free to come co-work with us at Flourish! The winner will also receive access to all of our workshops and resources for FREE!

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