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I am a young entrepreneur on a mission to inspire, uplift and encourage like minded people to become the best versions of themselves! The REAL TIME podcast is a way for me to share my thoughts, advice and honest opinions in a way to positively influence others.Visit my Instagram @emilyjane.dmTag the podcast in your stories and #realtime.. I’ll be sure to re-share!

In this episode of the business builder series I speal with Missy Strasner, a business mentor who helps entrepreneurs build and scale 6-7 figure businesses! She is a passionate, heart-centered Entrepreneur and Business Coach and also the founder of several online collaborations including, The High End Sales Series, Have it All and Living a Badass Life Show.

She is a mentor and influencer to passionate and visionary female leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them up level their personal leadership and create connection, so that they can easily elevate their sales, and create major impact doing what they love.

Her background blends 15 years of sales, training, business development, consulting, and marketing experience working with and leading advanced mindset, emotional intelligence, and leadership training.

I hope you have your notepads ready as this episode is filled to the brim with tips and tricks to really help you build your business!

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