The Game On Girlfriend Podcast

The Game On Girlfriend Podcast


Why are some people more successful faster? Do women really support each other? How big does my online presence need to be? What do I do first to make money in my business? Can I really make money starting my own business? How important is social media? Am I going to have to work 24/7 to make a real living? Welcome to the Game on Girl friend podcast where we answer all of these questions through behind-the-scenes podcasts, interviews with successful business owners like you and direct coaching from veteran entrepreneur, Sarah Walton. We’ll share industry insider tips on influence, productivity, confidence and always * always * motivation. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you could’ve acted on your dreams, but you didn’t. Sarah believes you were given your dreams, ideas and wishes for a reason. You’ll come to consider this podcast a gentle nudge to remind you that you matter, your work matters and your dreams deserve a chance. But the best part? We’ll actually talk about how to make that happen. This isn’t your practice life. The game is on and you’ve got one shot and making it your best. Game on, Girlfriend…game on.

COVID has changed how we connect with each other, and as a business owner, that means your social media strategy has to keep up. Your audience expects you to be human, a real person they can connect with, understand, and be inspired by. Oh, and P.S. that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself.

In this episode, I got to sit down with the founder of My Friend Betty Says, Betty Galvan. My Friend Betty is a Digital Marketing Studio with a team of killer social media experts who, get this is almost 90%, Latina. How cool is that?

I was so excited to sit down and chat with her about how she’s making sure she has a seat at the table (any table she wants to be a part of, by the way), and she’s done it with style and grace.

She’s grown her business from scratch, while raising 3 boys, volunteering in her community, and is now an honoree Board of Trustee member for the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Taskforce for my boys’ school.

She’s a force to be reckoned with while remaining personable, approachable, and honest.

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