The Entrepreneur’s Café: Creating True Wealth from the Inside Out

The Entrepreneur’s Café: Creating True Wealth from the Inside Out


It’s impossible to succeed in the outer “game” of entrepreneurship and wealth if you aren’t committed to also mastering your inner game. Each week, join Erica Ross-Krieger, a master certified business coach, author, EFT (“Tapping”) expert and successful 20-year entrepreneur, as she shares her 19-minute success principles and mindset secrets. She also interviews guest experts who are masters at managing the inner and outer game of entrepreneurship and wealth. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur who knows the importance of a strong #mindset, are new to #entrepreneuring, or anywhere in between on your entrepreneurial journey, and you want to take #inspiredaction to build your business from the inside out, this is the podcast for you.

In this episode, Erica Ross-Krieger interviews Jim Kaspari, CEO of Summit Business Marketing, leaders in on-line marketing, web design, SEO, and PEAK business coaching and mentorship. Jim’s also the author of “PEAK Profits, 47 Latest SEO Secrets to Get More Traffic from Google, PEAK Profits Business Journal, and Olympic Gold Medalist quotes.”

Listen in as Jim shares:

– Why the world of on-line marketing can be so confusing and overwhelming.
– How the world of athletics and sports has lessons we can apply to on-line marketing.
– The #1 way people can simplify their Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
– How we can focus our offerings to outshine the competition in the on-line marketing world.
– SEO tips.
– A simple 6-component model for masterful on-line marketing.
– How to schedule a free website analysis with Jim.

Key Takeaways:

– Targeting our population is a key in great on-line marketing.
– Compassionately relating to our target market’s problems and pain-points is another essential component of on-line marketing success.
– Just as in the world of sports and athletic competition, getting started with a small step in the on-line marketing world can be the difference between staying stuck and achieving success.

– Jim’s gift of a free website analysis will help you pinpoint the strengths and areas for improvement and opportunity on your website.

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Jim Kaspari, CEO

Summit Business Marketing

Jim Kaspari, CEO of Summit Business Marketing and PEAK Business Coaching, is the author of PEAK Profits, 47 Latest SEO Secrets to Get More Traffic from Google, PEAK Profits Business Journal and Olympic Gold Medalist Quotes.

Jim has spoken on stages across the US and in Australia on small business marketing with Loral Langemeier, Armand Morin, Ryan Deiss, and others. Recently he was published on

He has a BS from UC Davis and worked for Genentech, Inc. for 20 years as a chemical engineer, automation and systems analyst, training manager, and leader of 20 internal consultants, saving the company millions of dollars.  By investing well in real estate and helping start businesses while working, he was able to retire a millionaire at age 44.  He has been a business coach since 2005 and has coached over 500 clients in 9 countries.

He loves helping others and specializes in business development, on-line marketing, and streamlining teams and operations.  For fun, he runs, plays guitar, and sings.

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