The Entrepreneurial First Lady

The Entrepreneurial First Lady


Welcome The Thrive! Podcast! If you want to thrive in your life AND business while keeping God 1st, you’re in the right place. This is the show for leaders who want leave a legacy of love, encouragement and generosity. You want to be remembered for the way you positively impacted the lives of others and made a lasting difference. You want God to order your steps. Sometimes you just need a nudge in the right direction to take those steps. The Thrive! Podcast will help you take the right steps, overcome obstacles and equip you for the kind of success that matters to YOU. Your host, Jevonnah “Lady J “ Ellison, is an Award Winning Business Coach, Speaker, Author and First Lady. As founder of the Thrive Summit and Thrive Mastermind, she is committed to helping you truly thrive & flourish in your life and business. Come join the conversation and be inspired to prioritize what matters most, maximize your potential and experience the joy of living a life and owning a business that enables you to Thrive! Discover more at

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