The Confidence Connection: America’s Most Accomplished Discuss How They Do it

The Confidence Connection: America’s Most Accomplished Discuss How They Do it


In an uncertain world, it’s challenging to maintain confidence, much less increase it. In this podcast, Emmy-nominated TV host, former Fox News Channel Anchor, and Confidence Catalyst Suzanne Sena shares not only her own insights and lessons, but interviews some of the nation’s most accomplished to learn their confidence-building strategies. If you’re looking to get to the next level in your career, start your own business, or just want to be inspired and motivated – this podcast is for you.

The Bragg Nutritional Foods line is well known for being associated with a healthy lifestyle. Today we’re chatting with the CEO and longtime head of the company, Patricia Bragg. Originally founded by Paul Bragg, the two worked together to build an empire – and Patricia continued to run it long after he was gone. A true advocate for healthy living, and an absolute treasure – Patricia Bragg is one of a kind!


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