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We’ve noticed a trend of self-righteousness and victimhood on Instagram and it isn’t the best look. If you have any sort of following online, that’s great! But at the same time, that audience doesn’t owe you shit. Post what makes you happy, of course, but it’s also not your followers’ “fault” if you aren’t getting as many likes or if no one buys the product you’re selling. If they don’t like what they see, they have the right to unfollow you, just like you have the right to post anything you want. No one owing anyone anything. And we love it that way.

The (sometimes) self-righteousness of Instagram [1:20]

Post whatever brings you joy [4:23]

Changing means you’ll lose some people—and that’s okay! [6:50]

Your followers don’t owe you anything [8:15]

Nobody’s full attention is on you [11:18]

The attention differential [15:56]

Guilt marketing never works [17:46]

Everyone has competing priorities [20:59]

Social media is a perfect filtering system [23:15]

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