Simplicity for Solopreneurs™ – time management, organization, tools & systems for entrepreneurs

Simplicity for Solopreneurs™ – time management, organization, tools & systems for entrepreneurs


After life as a teacher, I started an online business as a creative outlet to help others and bring in some extra money. After lots of trial and error, I figured out how to streamline my online business. I want to save you time, money, and stress inside your online course business by sharing my simple, 3-step framework to simplify your entire content creation system as a midlife Christian entrepreneur. So, skip to the front of the line and learn to make business simple and fun again. Grab your notebook, sis, ’cause class is now in session! –

Let’s start out today with a riddle. What item in your business can save you time and energy, reduce errors and omissions in your work, help you achieve more brand consistency, and boost your overall productivity and sense of accomplishment?

If you just guessed templates, then give yourself a gold star.

As we discussed in the last episode, templates can help your business in a number of ways. Using templates, you don’t need to create the same messages over and over again. This saves time and streamlines your online business, freeing you up to focus on more important things. Templates also help to reduce errors and boost your branding. With templates, it’s so much easier to keep your branding elements consistent across different platforms and types of content.

And you can implement templates in literally all areas of your business.

So today, I’m sharing my three favorite places to capitalize on the power of templates to streamline your online business and achieve brand consistency.


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