Pattern of Purpose

Pattern of Purpose


Owning a business is the biggest personal development project of your life. So why are you leaving your life out of your message? From refining your bio to crafting your brand story, this podcast will challenge you to own your experience AND your point of view. Host, Kim Wensel, shares business storytelling concepts and interviews guests who will open your eyes to new ways of thinking, being, and doing. Because at the end of the day mastering the algorithm won’t make you stand out; connecting as a human will.

As humans, we have a hard time setting aside our own opinions and beliefs to consider someone else’s. This is especially true when it’s something we care about. So we cluster ourselves in communities with those who think like us, avoiding confrontation at all costs.

This begs the question: is it possible to have strong conflicting opinions and still maintain strong relationships?

Today’s guest, Dr. Tammy Lenski believes we can and we must. The goal is not to avoid conflict. It’s to engage in it more constructively.

As a conflict resolution writer, speaker, and teacher, Dr. Lenski works with people who want to or must stay together but are living in a state of tension. She helps buffer their relationships from the negative effects of conflict.

On this episode we discuss:

– What happens when we avoid conflict in our lives and work,;
– The difference between being submissive, assertive, and aggressive and what we should aim for;
– Positive outcomes that are associated with productive arguments;
– How to name a problem in a way that’s useful; and
– The easiest way to approach difficult conversations.

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