Patricia Kathleen Talks with Female Entrepreneurs

Patricia Kathleen Talks with Female Entrepreneurs


Interviews with Female entrepreneurs, founders, co-founders, business owners, and industry Gurus. These podcasts speak with women (women-identified) across all industries in order to shed light for those just getting into the entrepreneurial game! Histories, current companies, and lessons learned are explored. The series is designed to investigate a female (female identified) perspective in what has largely been a male-dominated industry in the world to date.

Today I sit down with Jessika Noda. Jessika is the Founder of Jiyubox, a clean beauty subscription box and online shop featuring Indie beauty brands. Jiyubox came to fruition in search of breaking free from the nine to five and following her life’s goals and passions. Jessika is also the Founder of Jiyu Management which helps passionate entrepreneurs and side hustlers build meaningful communities. She is passionate about helping her peers and community to become their best self and strive for success.

Key points addressed were

– Jessika’s varied occupational story that led to her launch of the clean beauty subscription box that is Jiyu box
– We also discussed how she designed the process and curates the content of the box as well as how she defines key terms such as Indie Beauty, Cruelty Free, and Clean for the Jiyu box’s products

This podcast series is hosted by Patricia Kathleen and Wilde Agency Media. This series is a platform for women, female-identified, & non-binary individuals to share their professional stories and personal narrative as it relates to their story. This podcast is designed to hold a space for all individuals to learn from their counterparts regardless of age, status, or industry.

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